Over the years, The Kinderville Foundation has funded numerous initiatives that have helped improve the lives of disadvantaged children in various communities.

  • Fundraising for Quebec’s Grande Guignolée

  • Financial support of projects for Mary Ellen Gerber (MEG) Foundation’s Orphanage in Puri, Orissa (India)

  • Helped in setting up a library for Mary Ellen Gerber (MEG) Foundation’s Orphanage in Puri, Orissa (India).

  • Manishi Sagar, the founder of The Kinderville Group serves as Honorary Chair of the 7th International Conference of the Organization for the Protection of Children’s Rights (O.P.C.R.)

  • Manishi Sagar serves as Honorary Chair of Freedom from Poverty Foundation’s Fundraiser

  • Kinderville London initiates the Christmas Gift Collection Initiative

  • Donation of a library to a village school near Delhi

  • Donation of a computer lab to a village school near Delhi

  • Established bursaries in perpetuity at Montreal’s Marianopolis College
  • Awarded scholarships to students at a village school near Delhi

  • Provided supplies to help set up a cricket team for boys and dance & music classes for girls at a village school

  • Financial support for setting up a new wing for children in a hospital in India

  • Participation in the Aditya Youth Trust Fund Scholarship Program in Montreal

  • Collection drive and financial support for victims of the hurricane in Philippines in 2015

  • Sponsorship of Pee-Wee Ice Hockey Tournaments in Montreal

  • Clothes and Toy Drive To Support Nepal’s Earthquake victims in December 2015.

  • Clothes Drive To support the victims of Syria’s War in January 2017

  • KinderYoga Initiative For Teachers & Students to promote healthy living and positive thinking.


  • Recognition of and support for World Autism Month

  • Children’s Art exhibitions in Dubai to raise funds for a chosen project to help children

  • The Empower Initiative: Free English Classes For ALL Labourers in the UAE with a hot lunch served every Friday

Contact The Kinderville Foundation Founder: Mrs. Gayatri Sagar
With An Email Direct To: [email protected]