A Legacy of Quality Care Education

The Kinderville Group was established in Canada in 1990, on the strong philosophy of Veritas, Scientia and Respectus. Fostering Quality Care Education, Kinderville grew to be the largest group of private child care centers in Canada.

With over 30 years of experience, we have built an excellent reputation for the quality of our work, our creative teaching methods and our love for children.
 Kinderville has operated and managed children’s nurseries, preschools, early learning centres and elementary schools across Canada, before expanding to the United Arab Emirates.

Our focus is on the enrichment of the “whole child”, which involves meeting the developmental needs of all children as they grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.

Why Kinderville?


Why is creativity so important?

Not all children are comfortable expressing their emotions. Not all children vocalize their thoughts. Therefore, encouraging lil’ ones to creatively express themselves in any form that fits their personality is often liberating for them.

In our schools, students often work together to create plays, puppet shows, and role-play scenarios. It allows them to work in teams and get to know their peers. They develop hidden skills and hidden talents.

We learn to be creative by experimenting. We love exploring new areas on field trips, jumping and running around freely during our picnics at the park and, of course using our imagination to push all boundaries.

Listening to music, singing, learning rhymes, show and tell activities as well as circle time sessions boost language expression and comprehension.

Activities such as play dough time, pre-math skills (concepts of less and more, groupings and classifications as well as physical properties of objects), messy play fun and dress up days promote a child’s cognitive development.